Updates on the Conduit!

I figured that I should give an update on my progress on the magic absorption based class I referenced in my last post. I actually completed it, exempting flavor text for the main class and the subclasses. Unfortunately, I went a little overzealous with the turn-by-turn aspect of the design for the class. After some play-testing, I found that, instead of creating more interactive experience, I ended up creating a gameplay experience that felt hostile and limited your ability to feel effective. Regardless, I think the class concept is sound and could be a fun experience once I do some severe reworks. I’ve decided to release the un-reworked version here, because I think it’s nice to be able to see how the creative and balancing processes can improve a work that is actually greatly flawed. I’ll be posting the reworked version in the future, as well as some new subclasses for the luckbinder, because I couldn’t help but work on it.

Conduits are individuals who have been trained to absorb magic and convert it into condensed magical attacks. The document includes four subclasses: the Razer, an explosives focused style, the Skirmisher, which focuses on high mobility, the Vanguard, specialized for close range combat, and the Warden, all about support and protection.

Download and play this class by clicking on the following link, which lead to a pdf file containing the full rules for the Conduit:

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