Break and Some Updates

I know I’ve taken a break for finals and all that, but I’m seriously struggling to gather up the creative energy needed for games for the time being. Turns out that being at home might put more constraints on my ability to create than being at college does. I’m putting the Game Dev Diary stuff on hold until the drive to write games returns to me.

Aside from games, I’m still really enjoying writing homebrew DnD content, so that’ll keep going. I have a new class entirely written up; it just needs comprehensive play testing. I explicitly designed it to require a lot of turn by turn judgement to use, and I definitely ticked that box. However, that also means it’s a nightmare to playtest, and, with four subclasses already written, there’s a lot on my plate.

The class centers around absorbing energy every round to fuel its features, and I personally think that the design space it explores, much like the luckbinder’s design space (check it out here on Shifty Glyphs), is unlike any design space the preexisting DnD classes occupy.

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