All the games that require cards as the main part of the gameplay!

Traps and Treasure

Traps and Treasure is finally out! With a lot of consternation for the title and a lot of fighting me in the creative process, it’s finally a finished product! It’s a multiplayer strategy game focused on balancing risk versus reward that only requires the rules and a deck of playing cards to get started! In…


This game was fun to write. I love the idea of having a task that’s easy to do, but difficulty is introduced via the method of doing it, similar to how Getting Over It would be easy if the controls weren’t unwieldy. Being able to control the difficulty via “betting” more rules allows this version…


If you’ve ever been alone on a train with just a pack of playing cards to keep you company, this game is for you. With a game style building on Solitaire’s complexity without all the setup and luck required, it’s Cornerstone. Cornerstone is a single-player game that only requires a deck of cards that focuses…

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