All the games that require a board as the main part of the gameplay!


Week three of the this game project, and I’m very glad it’s done. I enjoyed working on it, but it was an incredible amount of work. I’d like to introduce Synergist, the 1v1 competitive match-three game! This game was more ambitious than I planned it to be. Designing it was supposed to be as simple … Continue reading Synergist

Tangled Web

Tangled Web is a pen and paper game that’s relatively simple. It follows Snake’s elements of not crossing certain areas and Pac-man’s mechanic of going across the board via the outside, with a hexagonal board. Located below is the file for Tangled Web. If you enjoy our content, like, share, subscribe, and visit us on … Continue reading Tangled Web


Yes, that’s the actual name of the game. I willingly chose it during the design process because I feel it fits the game. I actually really love the simplicity of this game. The entire document isn’t even 10 sentences long. Most of the design practice here was a ton of playtesting. When a game has … Continue reading Placeholder


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