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Break and Some Updates

I know I’ve taken a break for finals and all that, but I’m seriously struggling to gather up the creative energy needed for games for the time being. Turns out that being at home might put more constraints on my ability to create than being at college does. I’m putting the Game Dev Diary stuff…

It’s finals week(s).

I’m in college, and it’s time for finals. I’d like to dedicate my time to preparing for those, and, as such, I won’t be posting any game progress this week or next week. I have a couple things backlogged that I’ll likely post during this time, but the Game Dev Diary stuff has to be…

Taking a break for now

I’m feeling a bit of burnout with real life and my health at the moment, so I’ll be taking a break this week. No update on the game for this week, but I’ll be sure to resume regular operations after this quick break. Thanks for your understanding!


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