I love D&D with a burning passion and end up writing a lot of Homebrew content for it. This page is where you’ll find all of it!

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Updates on the Conduit!

I figured that I should give an update on my progress on the magic absorption based class I referenced in my last post. I actually completed it, exempting flavor text for the main class and the subclasses. Unfortunately, I went a little overzealous with the turn-by-turn aspect of the design for the class. After some … Continue reading Updates on the Conduit!

The Luckbinder Class v2.0

I ended up doing a large amount of playtesting on the original version of the Luckbinder and found that it was actually very lacking, in numerous categories, from flavor to design. It was far too weak and could not fulfill the flavor of someone with proper control over luck. From a game design approach, it … Continue reading The Luckbinder Class v2.0


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