All the games where lying to everything and everyone is the modus operandi!

Duelist’s Wager

Sorry that this game is a week late, but life happens sometimes. Expect to see the normal game this upcoming Sunday though. I’m also rewriting the Luckbinder, because it was dreadfully weak, so that should be out soon as well. I’ve had this game idea for a while; ever since I wrote Powerdome, I’ve had … Continue reading Duelist’s Wager

Reversal of Fortune

A simple game about dice that plays with the idea of probability manipulation, Reversal of Fortune is a great game to play when you have a friend, some dice, and a few moments of free time. Reversal of Fortune is a bluffing game in which you test how much you trust your luck and see … Continue reading Reversal of Fortune


Come watch the ongoing bout! Two, battle-worn combatants fight fiercely, clashing their swords in a contest of strength and skill. They match each other blow for blow, shaking the earth as each one struggles to gain the upper hand. One of the fighters begins to falter, but he steadies himself and seems to whisper something, … Continue reading PowerDome


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