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Traps and Treasure

Traps and Treasure is finally out! With a lot of consternation for the title and a lot of fighting me in the creative process, it’s finally a finished product! It’s a multiplayer strategy game focused on balancing risk versus reward that only requires the rules and a deck of playing cards to get started! In … Continue reading Traps and Treasure


Week three of the this game project, and I’m very glad it’s done. I enjoyed working on it, but it was an incredible amount of work. I’d like to introduce Synergist, the 1v1 competitive match-three game! This game was more ambitious than I planned it to be. Designing it was supposed to be as simple … Continue reading Synergist

Medium Mix-Up

Here we are again, another third week of a project! I wanted to work on a social game and most definitely got my money’s worth. I’d like to introduce Medium Mix-Up, the social code-breaking game that pits you against your friends in a game of wits! This game developed surprisingly easily. From inception to completion, … Continue reading Medium Mix-Up

Drop Zone

Welcome to week three, which means a new game! I’d like to introduce Drop Zone, the abstract dexterity-based game that asks you to destroy the game pieces! Design-wise, this one was reasonably difficult. I originally planned for the destruction of the game pieces to have a larger importance to they way you play the game … Continue reading Drop Zone

Second Person

This game’s concept was a wonderful return to form for the games I like posting on this website. That’s not to say that I’m not proud of the last two or three games I released, but they certainly weren’t exactly what I wanted to be releasing. Second Person originally started as my desire to make … Continue reading Second Person


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