All the games in which a steady hand and a little focus will get you far!

Drop Zone

Welcome to week three, which means a new game! I’d like to introduce Drop Zone, the abstract dexterity-based game that asks you to destroy the game pieces! Design-wise, this one was reasonably difficult. I originally planned for the destruction of the game pieces to have a larger importance to they way you play the game…

Second Person

This game’s concept was a wonderful return to form for the games I like posting on this website. That’s not to say that I’m not proud of the last two or three games I released, but they certainly weren’t exactly what I wanted to be releasing. Second Person originally started as my desire to make…


This game was fun to write. I love the idea of having a task that’s easy to do, but difficulty is introduced via the method of doing it, similar to how Getting Over It would be easy if the controls weren’t unwieldy. Being able to control the difficulty via “betting” more rules allows this version…

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