All the games in you have to work your people skills!

Medium Mix-Up

Here we are again, another third week of a project! I wanted to work on a social game and most definitely got my money’s worth. I’d like to introduce Medium Mix-Up, the social code-breaking game that pits you against your friends in a game of wits! This game developed surprisingly easily. From inception to completion, … Continue reading Medium Mix-Up

Second Person

This game’s concept was a wonderful return to form for the games I like posting on this website. That’s not to say that I’m not proud of the last two or three games I released, but they certainly weren’t exactly what I wanted to be releasing. Second Person originally started as my desire to make … Continue reading Second Person

Yes Men

You are a yes man, among the best of the best of them. You shall propel those around you forward with but a single word. “Yes.” Yes Men is a game designed for 4 to 8 players on two teams, both trying to proceed by asking as many questions that end in a yes answer … Continue reading Yes Men


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