DnD Lineages: Wayward and Riftrent!

Here’s that backlogged content I was talking about, but it ended up not being completely backlogged because Van Richten’s came out and I had to do a bit of rewriting and improving to match the quality of the officially released lineages! Despite the extra work required, I’m pleased to introduce the Wayward and the Riftrent!

Waywards are forgotten beings, beings who have lost their identity and pasts to the uncaring machinations of the world. They are easily forgotten and misremembered, leaving all but the most interested parties with barely an impression to remember them by.

Riftrent are creatures divided, with the concept of their existence being present in one location and the other part far removed. At any point, they exist in both places at once, though they may focus on being in one place. Existing in two places is no small task, and even the slightest injury could lead to their shifting from their primary location to their secondary existence.

Download and play these lineages by clicking on the following links, which lead to pdf files containing the full rules for the lineages:

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