The Luckbinder Class v2.0

I ended up doing a large amount of playtesting on the original version of the Luckbinder and found that it was actually very lacking, in numerous categories, from flavor to design. It was far too weak and could not fulfill the flavor of someone with proper control over luck. From a game design approach, it was far too heavily reliant on what you rolled on your dice, at least for a class that could manipulate probability. Further on game design, it also hurt the player for using their abilities except in niche situations, and, generally speaking, player-unfriendly design is bad design.

As such, I’ve addressed those issues with my rework, making the abilities far more actively focused and controllable, as well as implementing the subclasses that I promised back in the first revision! Because it’s been a while since the first release of the Luckbinder, I’ll be giving a quick summary of it.

The luckbinder is a new homebrew class for DnD based around the manipulation of luck, allowing you, as the player, to fudge your dice rolls within the rules of the game! Luckbinders have numerous features that directly interact with the numbers you and your foes have rolled on your dice, from big swings to minor adjustments. One such feature even allows you to change the actual faces of your d20 when it’s used for checks, throws, and rolls. You can use these luck altering abilities to make your foes miss their attacks and your own attacks strike critically. You can even harm your foes and buff your allies directly by making their luck overflow!

However, these abilities come with a large caveat: you are just a normal person at the end of the day. Lacking any meaningful combat training, you have to rely heavily on your luck to avoid coming to harm on the battlefield. You should do your best to stay out of sight and affect the battlefield through controlling luck rather than direct force.

I’d recommend giving it a play, not only because of my personal bias, but because I think that it’s a very different and enjoyable way to play the game. The luckbinder is extremely versatile while requiring vigilant management of your resources and rewards skillful management of your spacing and battlefield management. Give it a try at your next one-shot!

Click the link located below to download the pdf file containing the Luckbinder class.

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