Drop Zone

Welcome to week three, which means a new game! I’d like to introduce Drop Zone, the abstract dexterity-based game that asks you to destroy the game pieces!

Design-wise, this one was reasonably difficult. I originally planned for the destruction of the game pieces to have a larger importance to they way you play the game and to be a much more cathartic experience, with more of a zealous tearing method, rather than the more strategic style which I ended up using. I simply couldn’t figure a way to make it a game mechanic without being completely unwieldy. Additionally, tearing paper is not as cathartic as I initially believed it would be, at least when tearing a single sheet, but I’m not going to ask someone to purchase an entire sheaf of paper each time they want to play Drop Zone, as funny as that would be.

I ended up doing away with a few needless things that I mentioned last week, such as the point system. Such a thing would incentivize strategic placement of your tokens but would distract from the interplay between marking squares and preventing your opponents from claiming squares, which I believe already encourages smart token placement.

Overall, it’s a simple game, but the concept is a solid one. I wish I had a little bit more depth to the idea, but that’s the issue with focusing fitting a game to a gimmick. For all you gain in ease of conceptualizing, you lose an equal amount in the depth of the concept. That aside, I’m happy with the result and am pleased to present Drop Zone!

Click the links located below to download the pdf files for Drop Zone, one of which is a readme.

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