Medium Mix-Up

Here we are again, another third week of a project! I wanted to work on a social game and most definitely got my money’s worth. I’d like to introduce Medium Mix-Up, the social code-breaking game that pits you against your friends in a game of wits!

This game developed surprisingly easily. From inception to completion, I had only the most minor issues in the design and flavor, which is all you can really ask for! That just goes to show how awesome it is to come into the creation process with a really clear overview of what exactly you want to do. After the planning of the second week, it was basically a complete project, only requiring the elbow grease and time to create a final product!

Balance is certainly weird in social games, but I really hope that I hit the sweet spot. Theory-crafting can only get you so far, but I think that it’s gotten me far enough.

Overall, as social games go, I think it stacks up in the design department. The gameplay feels really natural, and I think that it has the capacity to have both high pressure and low pressure games depending on who’s playing. I wasn’t able to work on the art as much as I wanted, but I’m certainly going to practicing my art skills in the future, so be on the lookout for that! I’m happy to present you with Medium Mix-Up!

Click the links located below to download the pdf files for Medium Mix-Up, one of which is a readme.

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Second Person

This game’s concept was a wonderful return to form for the games I like posting on this website. That’s not to say that I’m not proud of the last two or three games I released, but they certainly weren’t exactly what I wanted to be releasing.

Second Person originally started as my desire to make a game that functioned from the second person. Essentially, you would be watching your main way of interacting with the game. I couldn’t find a properly fun way to implement it into a board game, so I decided to look into creating a dexterity game instead, and I think I came up with a winner.

Second is derived from the game “Ninja” some people may have played as a kid. The goal of the game was to strike the opponent’s hands in a single motion while also protecting your own hands, and, from reading Second Person‘s rules, I’m sure that the inspiration is somewhat apparent.

Overall, I’m proud to present Second Person, a team based dexterity game where you play in the Second Person!

Located below is the pdf file containing the rules for Second Person!

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Yes Men

You are a yes man, among the best of the best of them. You shall propel those around you forward with but a single word. “Yes.”

Yes Men is a game designed for 4 to 8 players on two teams, both trying to proceed by asking as many questions that end in a yes answer as possible.

Located below are the pdf files for Yes Men, one of which is a readme.

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Heir Less Apparent

A king on death’s door, a table of people vying for the seat of the heir, a goblet full of poison and ill intent. Prepare to face your political foes and become the Heir Less Apparent.

Heir Less Apparent is a role-playing game in which, during a meeting to discuss the next king, you pass around drinks and try not to finish the night by the poisoned one. It’s designed for 4 to 8 players and takes roughly thirty minutes to play.

Located below are the pdf files for Heir Less Apparent, one of which is a readme.

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