A destructible game: Week 1

So, within the new system, I’m releasing an update a week. I’ll try my best to keep it on Sundays, but since it worked out like this, it’ll just have to be a Thursday!

So, the concept I want to explore with this game is the print and play aspect of all of my games. The main advantage that the medium provides is that it’s easily accessible and is extremely cheap, but what if I took advantage of those aspects. If everything is cheap and easy to replace, why not use that to make a game?

As such, I’d like to create a destructible game this time around. It will likely involve cards and dexterity via tearing them, but, on the exact implementation of those elements, I’m not entirely sure as of yet.

As games based off specific gimmicks go, it’ll definitely take a decent amount of brainstorming to solidify a design that implements the gimmick in a way that makes the gimmick worthwhile while also being enjoyable.

It’s important to remember that, if something extraneous is being added, that the experience of it better be worth the trouble of doing it in the first place. Sometimes, the subtlety is not worth the complexity. I’m hoping that I can come up with a solid concept that can deliver that level of fun. We’ll see by this Sunday!

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