A destructible game: Week 2

I was preparing a post about how I had no ideas (and actually got several paragraphs into the thoughts on that), but I’ve come up with a solid enough concept. It’s different from the previously mentioned card game concept, but it’s way better than any idea I came up for the card game base.

The planned game is a two player type of game. The board is a grid of 4×4 or 5×5 one-inch spaces which will be arbitrarily assigned values, possibly by the players, dice, or maybe I’ll figure out some elegant and specific design.

Each player gets three or so one-inch tokens that are to be dropped on the board from a inch or two up. When the token lands, the spaces covered by it, even if only partially covered, are counted as claimed, and the points on them go to the current player. The opposing player cannot get points from these spaces, even if they land on them.

The catch is that, as the main idea of the game, is that you can rip your tokens in order to diversify your claims and prevent your opponent from trying to place around that area. The idea is that this brings a higher chance of missing spaces that you desperately wanted. I’ve yet to decide on a limit for the number of rips you can do, but we’ll see as I complete play testing and solidify the rules.

I think that’s all I have update-wise, though it was, for all intensive purposes, a lot. I’m excited by the prospect of the game actually and am glad that the concept hit me before I made the less exciting update post!

I still don’t have a name yet though. Oops.

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