Waiting: Week 2

I did keep everyone waiting, keeping in theme. Having to take a break last week was rough, but I’m good now.

The concept I came up with is that one player is the waiting and cruel creator of a set of totems. The rest of the players are thieves trying to steal the totems. The creator wants to have all but one of the totems stolen, as the thieves will spread a curse hidden in the totems. However, it needs the power of one totem to do so, so it must keep at least one.

This manifests as players/thieves trying to take all the totems from the waiting player/creator, and the creator attempting to only catch the final thief.

The thieves must sneak, one by one, to grab a totem from the immediate vicinity of the creator before one minute passes.

I’m thinking a point system would be best for this game, wherein you get one point per totem stolen, keeping in mind that you must keep one.

The players rotate the role of the creator until someone reaches a point threshold, likely around 7, but it’ll depend on the amount of players.

That’s really I have so far, but it covers lots of important stuff, including flavor, rules, and some considerations that I’ve come up with so far, though I still haven’t got a name for this project yet. Thanks to my break, I’m feeling really excited about this game, and I hope you are too!

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