Waiting: Forever More

I really struggled with doing this, but I have to axe the project. Through all of my play testing, I couldn’t create a satisfactory rule set of which I could feel proud, and, even with extensive changes to the base concept of the game, I couldn’t even make the gameplay good enough to be enjoyable.

I’d like to chalk it up to waiting being a boring concept for a game, but I was really hoping that I could come up with something concrete. I failed to live up to that expectation.

I have to chalk this project up as a failure, both on a creative and technical standpoint. While it’s not a part of the creative process I like putting on display, failure is still a part of it.

I have to call it my loss here and improve in the future. If I’m ever going to do a concept so obviously challenging to design in the future, I’ll make sure to release it as a side project completed on my own time, rather than a full three-week project.

I won’t be releasing this game in any capacity and will instead focus my energy on making the next game a good one. I may return to the concept of a waiting game at some point, but I’ll need to completely revamp the idea. It’s disappointing that I’ve failed this time, but creation can sometimes be a process of failure, and, in this case, it was. I hope you can understand.

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