Get with the program: Week 2

I have been utterly caught up in writing DnD homebrew as of late. I’ve gotten the ground work for another class all laid out, and I’ve got a number of races/lineages in the wings as well.

As exciting as that is, it also means I’ve been paying very little attention to developing this game. The good thing is that it shouldn’t be too hard to implement mechanically.

The primary gameplay loop for both the runners and the trapper are predicting the go/no-go mentality of the antagonist. Runners have to predict whether the trapper will activate a trap area, and the trapper has to predict if the runners will run though the area.

As the design currently stands, the board will be modular, with the trapper getting to choose where to place their single-use traps with higher lethality and range and multi-use traps that can only cover one square. The runners will get to insert a number of safe squares into the course to ensure that they will have places to wait.

Cards will be used by the trapper to “program” which trap spaces will go activate and which will remain dormant and by the runner to indicate whether or not they’ll run.

There’ll be an overall time round limit so runners can’t simply wait out the trapper, but I’m not sure how large it should be yet. I’m also thinking of a number of gimmick traps that will spice up the game a little bit more.

I’ll make sure I don’t get too distracted by writing homebrew and come out with a great game next week. See you all then!

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