Get with the program: Week 1

I’m normally rather opposed to programming games. I find that I can’t get into the gameplay. The feeling I get when I lack control of my actions after I’ve assigned them is simply not one I can enjoy, and, despite my love of bluffing games, the mind game of planning out my moves to counter what I think someone else’s move is going to be feels too impersonal for my tastes.

I’d like to work on what I’d consider a micro version of the programming game, where there are prediction elements on the decisions of the other players within a single turn.

I’d like it to be similar to the Death Run minigame found in GMod servers. You have to predict the movement of their players as they run down a death hallway. It’ll be an asymmetrical game obviously, where one player controls the death hallway and the others are runners.

The traps of the hallway must be decided before runners make their decisions to move. Essentially, the trap must be programmed to go off when a player crosses it. I’ll iron out the details more, but it’s a sound concept for now. I’m excited to see where the process takes me.

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