Duelist’s Wager

Sorry that this game is a week late, but life happens sometimes. Expect to see the normal game this upcoming Sunday though. I’m also rewriting the Luckbinder, because it was dreadfully weak, so that should be out soon as well.

I’ve had this game idea for a while; ever since I wrote Powerdome, I’ve had an obsession with ability-based bluff games, and this was one of the concepts I wanted to try. Drafting characters with special abilities in order to create interplay between both choosing them and empowering them later on was the basic idea. I think it went pretty well all things considered. The character tokens and Boost system are quite elegant in my eyes.

The hardest part of this game was coming up with character abilities that had three qualities: ability to influence how you play your Boosts, ability for your opponent to predict how you’ll play your boosts, and different functionality from the other characters.

Duelist’s Wager is a bluffing game that focuses on your ability to outplay your opponent. With elements of prediction and strategy in both choosing which characters you bring to the fight and how well you’ll equip them to win with your limited resources, you’ll be sure to enjoy how much you can really get into your opponent’s head. It’s designed for two players to fight each other in a duel of pure wits, and with each game only taking around ten minutes, you’ll be able to fit in that “just one more” game in order even out the score.

Located below are the pdf files for Duelist’s Wager, one of which is a readme.

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