Come watch the ongoing bout!

Two, battle-worn combatants fight fiercely, clashing their swords in a contest of strength and skill. They match each other blow for blow, shaking the earth as each one struggles to gain the upper hand. One of the fighters begins to falter, but he steadies himself and seems to whisper something, pointing his sword at his opponent. A lance of flame launches from it, searing a hole through the chest of his opponent. His opponent falls dead before him, Though he falls to his knees from exhaustion, he still screams his victory to the skies. He’s won.

Prepare to see all this and more! Welcome to the PowerDome!

PowerDome is a role-playing game in which you gain abilities through auction, create a character around those powers, and fight other players to the death. It’s designed for 2 players or more and takes roughly thirty minutes to play.

Located below are the pdf files for PowerDome, one of which is a readme.

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