Week three of the this game project, and I’m very glad it’s done. I enjoyed working on it, but it was an incredible amount of work. I’d like to introduce Synergist, the 1v1 competitive match-three game!

This game was more ambitious than I planned it to be. Designing it was supposed to be as simple as actually playing a match-three game, but I got a bit overzealous. I originally wanted to include only a singular ability for each class, but ended up providing each one with three abilities, one passive and two active.

The part where I struggled the most was balanced, and I’m not sure that it’s even at the right point. One thing other match-three games never have to worry about is balance, because they’re all single player. At the end of the day, the game doesn’t have to be balanced to be fun to play. However, it was a big issue for Synergist. How many tokens do I have in the deck? How many unique abilities can I create? How balanced are each of the classes against each other? I couldn’t answer all the questions that I had to a satisfactory point and just conceded to finish the game as it was. I think I was at the point where even playing it more wouldn’t have helped me come to a proper conclusion.

I’m really pleased by how it turned out regardless of balance though. It’s one of the higher effort games I’ve worked on in quite a while, from the balance to the graphics department, and I rose to my expectations on all accounts. It explores what I consider to be unfulfilled niche in the match-three world and I’m extremely proud of it as both a project and a product.

I’m proud to present Synergist!

Click the links located below to download the pdf files for Synergist, one of which is a readme.

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