Yes, that’s the actual name of the game. I willingly chose it during the design process because I feel it fits the game.

I actually really love the simplicity of this game. The entire document isn’t even 10 sentences long. Most of the design practice here was a ton of playtesting. When a game has rules as simple as this one does, any number of things can go wrong, such as being completely unable to win the game depending on your first move, which was actually a problem at some points of the design process.

I look at it as one of those game theory heavy type games that mathematicians like doing papers on, ridiculously simple but a lot of options that spawn from it. It’s designed for two players and requires a 4×4 board, which you can draw yourself, and nine tokens per player. If you’re looking for an easy game that has relatively high depth, give Placeholder a try.

Located below is the pdf file for Placeholder.

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