Lies and deceit: Week 1

Another week, another game idea! This time, I want to work on a social game. There were a few ideas I was considering, but the standout besides the one I settled on was essentially just mafia, minus the roles and plus luck based elements, so I decided to step away from it. I might revisit it as a short game at some point, but I feel like it’s not worth the whole three week period.

So what’s the actual idea for this week? The base concept is that one player has to present a group of symbols in a certain order and match it to another set that is only known by a group of other players. The issue is that only one of these players is actively trying to assist them. The rest of them are trying to derail their task, making them get the order wrong.

Speaking in terms of gameplay loops, the primary loop is not to sort the symbols, rather, it’s to find out which member of the group is actually telling you the truth. The larger goal and secondary loop is assembling the symbols correctly.

As for the flavor, I’d like to imagine it being magically based. Perhaps the main player is a medium trying to conduct a resurrection ritual on a specific spirit, but if they mess up, the evil spirits will be able to attack the medium. The ritual explains the specificity of the task related as well.

In theory, the game sounds feasible, but there are definitely details to be ironed out. Balance will be a large part of the issue, ranging from how to make the job of the helper more enjoyable and feasible to including extra symbols that need not be placed in the final group, but that will come with time and a lot more theory on my part.

Overall, this game is another concept with which I’m pleased. I imagine the gameplay being exciting, at least for the pack of liars and the medium. The fact that a flavor came so readily is also a big bonus.

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