Medium Mix-Up: Week 2

I think I may have overstepped on the explanation in the week one post, because I’m finding out that there’s not much to comment on in regards to the rules. However, that’s not going to stop me from commenting on the rules, and I’d like to talk about the flavor as well.

On the rules end of things, most of the stuff I said last week is accurate to what I’m actually going to write, but I think it makes sense to restate my plans in a more orderly form, with the flavor properly ironed out as a bonus.

The plan is that there will be at least four players, with a recommended cap of seven. Each player will be assigned a role, with one player receiving the role of the medium and the rest being spirits, which are broken up into two groups: the good and the evil. For every two evil spirits, there will be one good spirit.

The medium is working on a protection ritual, which requires that five symbols from an array of seven be placed into a specific order which only the spirits know. The good spirits are trying to assist the medium in matching the order, and the evil spirits are trying to make sure the order is as messed up as possible. Only the spirits know which of them are good and evil; the medium must find out during the ritual.

The spirits are able to talk with the medium to achieve their respective goals, and the medium must discover which spirits they can trust so they can safely complete the ritual.

The medium has three attempts to activate the ritual. After the first two attempts, they are allowed to ask about the nature of one of the symbols before them. The spirits must collectively and truthfully answer whether the symbol belongs in the ritual and if the symbol is in the proper place within the ritual.

The game is concluded when the medium either successfully matches the ritual to the necessary symbols or runs out of attempts before they can do so. If the medium successfully completes the ritual, then the medium and good spirits win, successfully sanctifying the area. If the medium runs out of attempts, the evil spirits win and are able to escape into the world, likely wreaking havoc upon the general populace.

That’s about it, really. I’ve described everything that I wanted to describe in the week two summary. Though not much has changed mechanically, I’m happy that the name and flavor managed to come together and that the rules and game balance seem workable.

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