Hiding in plain sight: Week 1

I want to design a bluffing game for more than two players, considering that Synergist is a two player game with purely strategy elements.

I’m imagining a dungeon crawler flavor, with the objective being to collect as many resources as possible.

The primary game element would be a set of cards with various encounters on them, each of which would have an effect depending on the way with which they were interacted.

However, all the cards that are interactive would be facedown, forcing the players to either spend their turn checking a given card first or simply taking the risk of interacting with something in a way that harms them. Classic risk versus reward game mechanics.

The bluffing elements come from the ability to check a card instead of immediately interacting with it. It’s not as strong of a bluffing presence as I wanted to include, but I enjoy the game concept enough that I’m willing to roll with it.

I’ll work on solidifying the concept this week, and make sure I get a more proper summation of the rules by then. I’ll see you next Sunday!

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