Hidden in plain sight: Week 2

I still don’t have a final name for the project yet, but I do have the rules all figured out, so let’s talk about that!

The players, their number soft capped at 6, are tasked with gaining as many points as possible, in a sort of free-for-all collectathon. They’ll be collecting from a series of cards placed face-down before them.

They have the option to Scout, Loot, and Attack any of the cards in front of them, with Scout not providing a point benefit, but rather a knowledge one. Some of the cards have point deficits associated with them, depending on if the player Loots or Attacks them, so players can spend their turn eschewing the risk rather than risking their points.

This can act as a double edged sword, because other players can base their movements on the player who Scouted’s reaction before their next turn.

It’s relatively simple, but the risk versus reward gameplay is fun. I ended up having to drop most, if not all, of the bluffing gameplay that I planned, but the game works much better without deceptive elements.

It’s important to remember not to sacrifice game quality for the sake of keeping the tradition of its original concept. Of course, this does have exceptions, such as using that limited design space to encourage creativity, but it’s a good rule to keep in general.

The most important aspect of this game is going to be the balance, something which I’m reasonably sure I’ll be able to make work mathematically. I want Scouting to be more valuable than the other two options when placed in a vacuum, so I’ll be balancing the point values around that notion.

Overall, the project is going nicely, and I’m excited to update you all next week with a finished game!

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